Term 4 Team Meeting Success

Donna Buckley

Our staff and student team are back, reinvigorated and ready to start developing our action plan for 2021. Meeting for the first time since Term 1 it was great to once again get together to welcome our new student members and hear feedback from our leadership team who attended the Term 4 Your Move Professional Development Session (taking public transport to the event of course)

After welcoming our new members we reflected on the results of our Term 4 Hands Up Survey for students and online staff survey results. It became clear that the parking and congestion around the school was a concern for staff and the majority of our students use public transport. A lively discussion arose about car pooling, using uber, driverless cars and the local bus routes. With so many great thinkers in the room and such positive enthusiasm we are on track to start building a cultural change around transport in the college.

With our Transport Plan and current activities mapped out, the team are ready to meet regularly on a Friday lunch this term to further develop our official Transport Plan and to actively promote the Your Move program to the school with fun and creative activities.

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James (Your Move)

It must have been wonderful after having that big pause since term 1 to feel all that positive energy in the room, just raring to go! And what perfect timing - right after the YM Forum! By correctly linking your story to the "Your Move PD" activity, you earned 50 points. I have also just given you 60 points for getting your student team up and running and well as 10 for sharing all the details of your meeting. When your plan is finalised after your next meeting, make sure you link a story to the activity "Define your issues and make a plan" - I look forward to reading all about it!

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