Our Sustainability Committee is made up of support staff teachers and parents, dedicated to improving the environmental footprint of the college. Meeting after school on Tuesday, the Your Move program was on the agenda.

Celebrating our Gold Your Move Status in 2020, the committee learned how the program had contributed $3061 in rewards and grants to the college. The results of the 1132 students who participated in the Term One Hands Up Survey was distributed. Over 50% of our students travel to school by public transport, but alarmingly 342 students were still coming by car - over one quarter of our students. These results made it easy for us to define three key transport issues we need to tackle as a college.

1. Safer quicker movement by students before and after school to the public transport stops located around the college.

2. Public transport education programs for the student and parent community. Both current and prospective students and parents need to be educated about the benefits of independent travel and staying safe when using public transport.

3. Reducing the number of students traveling by car will in turn allow for smoother access for our public transport services.

With these three key issues now defined, we have a clear direction on what we need to focus on in 2021 to improve our college community's awareness of the benefits of using public transport, walking or riding your bike to school. Having the expertise of our Sustainability Committee working alongside the Your Move team we are confident we can shift the school culture and develop policy that supports long term change in behaviours.

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