Thanking Our Traffic Wardens

Donna Buckley

The Your Move students thanked our traffic wardens this Road Safety week in acknowledgement of the work they do keeping the students safe travelling to and from the college each day. Students travel long distances and the mass exodus at 3.10pm to the Fremantle train station and surrounding bus stops is managed successfully by our three traffic wardens - they are just super awesome!

Chatting with friends and developing positive friendship groups is one of the benefits of walking together each day. The support of the traffic wardens to maintain safe routes of travel to and from the college allows students to continue to develop their independence as they transition from adolescents to adults.

We hope you enjoyed the chocolate and that this small token of our appreciation helped brighten up your day.

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James (Your Move)

I really love this new initiative that has taken off this year - and am glad to hear that John Curtin has got involved. It is so important to let our volunteers know how much we appreciate their efforts - and it seems your team has done a brilliant job in doing just that! You have earned 25 points for taking the time and effort to embrace this activity and a bonus 10 for making it such a good news story!

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