Welcome to our new members to the YourMove team :) word got out and we had several year 7 students want in on the action.

This morning we have already analysed our Your Move data and specifically looked at the unique issues around transport to and from John Curtin.

Mr Hill ran a design thinking session that had students identifying problems with transport around the school and possible behaviours that may be our focus for the pitch we are giving to the principal later today.

We will post again this afternoon to let you know how it goes :)

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James (Your Move)

Welcome to the Your Move team! You have earned 60 points for bringing in the year 7s to help form a new team for 2022. It looks like Mr Hill ran an excellent session for their first meeting - and I think it will lead in really well to our "Define your issues and make a plan" activity. Perhaps a future story on what issue(s) you have identified and what are some ways you plan to tackle it. Today you have also earned 10 points for sharing the details of this team meeting.

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