Year 10 Mountain Bike Camp

Donna Buckley

Our students were given the opportunity to extend their bike riding skills at the Year 10 outdoor education camp at Dwellingup. Following the Munda Biddi Trail from Nanga camp site, students rode their mountain bikes to the Bidjar Ngoulin Camp site and returned. A total of three camps were conducted this semester with 22 students attending each of these. The aim of the camp was to demonstrate how bike riding can be used to enjoy the outdoors. This allowed students to advance their skills so they could pursue mountain bike trail riding safely in the future.

Students were taught basic maintenance of bikes e.g puncture repair, how to check their bikes before riding (‘M’ check, bike control – riding positions/technique, use of gears and group riding etiquette/skills – rules and safety

Before heading to camp students were provided with plenty of practice time riding around the school grounds with various terrains and gradients. This even included a bike polo game - a fabulously enjoyable game that develops the students balance and safety techniques when riding.

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James (Your Move)

What a beautiful environment in which to enjoy some bike ed sessions! Great to hear that you included these sessions in the outdoor ed camp Donna. You have earned 80 points for the sessions plus a bonus 10 for giving us all the details! Remember that you can earn another 25 points by sharing a 'pledge' for 2021 - full details here:

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Thanks James. I want to upload my pledge video but I cant find an activity to connect it to now the competition has closed. Can you help please?

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