We are making a massive push this year to make our year 7 students feel comfortable in actively travelling to school. This came out of our planning day last year.

One of the things the students wanted to do was speak to the parents. Earlier this year 3 of our Roots and Shoots students spoke about their personal experiences and gave information about the buses and walking paths. They also showed the parents around our new info on the website.

So proud of our students who spoke to 150 parents and spoke really well.

Obviously with a few jokes in there too.

Mentioning that Keanu Reeves has never had to step in for the buses yet went down well with the parents but not sure the Year 7's quite got it.......

Next on the list is to examine our Hands up Surveys to see if we have made a difference :)

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Emma Jack (Your Move)

Congratulations Team JC! Ah what a proud moment indeed. Sounds like a fantastic strategy. I look forward to hearing your survey analysis and more 90s movies references 🚍 That's 40 points for 'Student team presents at a workshop' activity and 22 points for Distribute Year 7 parent information, plus bonus 10 for Storytelling.

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