At JCCA we have something that is called Peer Support. This is where Year 11 students take a small group of Year 7s and run activities for them.

Last year we put in some ground work and worked with Student Services to get the Peer Support groups organised by where they are travelling from. So the Year 11s and 7s in each group would catch the same buses and walk or ride the same routes. Our thinking behind this is familiar faces make everything a little less stressful.

Another thing is that the students have been working hard on developing 2 lessons that can be run for the Year 7 students transitioning into high school. These are 2 lessons that encourage the students to actively travel and where to find information if they have any questions.

The first lesson gets students to look at the schools website and find where the travel information is located. The second lesson is focused on the students making a sustainable travel goal. I have attached the lessons plans if anyone is interested in doing something similar.

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James (Your Move)

Nice one Chloe! I love that the year 11s are developing and delivering this - what a super example of capacity building. I also like the simple but effective innovation of grouping student's by their home locations - maybe this could develop into a bike/bus buddy system (if it isn't already 😊)!). You have earned 50 points for your transition activities, 15 points for the innovation, 20 for uploading your helpful lesson plan and 10 points for all the story details you shared.

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