Friday last week we had a planning day where the students came up with some ideas to improve active transport and pitched them to members of the executive team. Mr Vladich (principal), Mr Curnow (Dean of logistics) and Ms Hadlow (Manager of corporate services).

Some of the ideas that were presented to the executive team were;

Group 1 – zebra crossing near the bus stops especially into Ellen street (danger zone for pedestrians), gate at demountable (this would cause less foot traffic on Ellen Street), pathway at D block (there is currently no footpath to this exit)

Group 2 – transition program – students talk at orientation and parent night on how to active transport to and from school. The students are keen to share their personal experience, include info about active transport into the diary. They had a big focus on students (Year 7 in particular) presenting to Year 6 students.

Group 3 – Making the bus stops safer. No standing zones painted on the road, funnelling 7 – 9 and 10 – 12 into specific areas to help provide order and prevent the crowd spilling onto the road. This group also looked at how this idea could help with some feedback we had from younger students. The feedback was that they felt intimidated when there was crowding, pushing and shoving from older students.

Group 4 – Bike Lockers similar to those at train stations. This idea focused on bike safety and providing covered area for bikes to prevent weather damage. The boys that presented this idea are budding tech geniuses and started to design an app which would allow each student to have a QR code. This would mean students can only log out the bike they logged in at the beginning of the day.

Group 5 – This group proposed $40 a term permits for parking for students. This idea was to deal with the parking issues especially later in the year when the Year 12s start getting their licence. Their idea was that students would have to apply for a permit and the students postcodes would be taken into account. Those living further away would prioritised for a permit.

Feedback from the executive team was really positive. The principal even stated they were very inspired and that there are some take aways from each idea. Word on the street is that those that were there for the pitches have already shared with the rest of administration........ the ball is rolling I repeat the ball is rolling........... :)

p.s. sorry the post didn't go up on the day :( we were super distracted inspiring the executive team to make changes around the school

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James (Your Move)

Thanks so much for sharing the teams' pitch, Chloe. I'm particularly impressed by the broad range of ideas presented, including infrastructure, policy and promotional initiatives. I look forward to following how this ball rolls 😊. The team have earned 40 points for their pitch and you have earned 20 points for sharing so many details.

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What an amazing day this was Chloe!!! Yes the ball is rolling. Very exciting :)

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