John XXIII College Gets Down to Bus-iness

Christian Thompson
John XXIII College

John XXIII College’s decision to invest in a charter bus to transport students to and from school has proven a great success in 2018. Students from all years have been avid users of the new service, which takes a morning and afternoon route through areas in the suburbs between the College and Fremantle that are not close to Stirling Hwy and therefore not well serviced by public transport.

The introduction of this service has been a success on many levels. There has been a noticeable reduction in the amount of parent traffic for pick ups and drop offs, with parents comfortable sending even their young children on the bus as the door to door service means safety is assured with no dangerous busy roads to navigate. Students meanwhile have a convenient way to get to and from school without having to catch multiple buses and/or a train. Obviously, the environmental benefits of having less parent vehicles being used to transport their children is another way that this service is having a positive impact.

The John XXIII Bus Charter service has indeed been worth the not inconsiderable investment, bringing the opportunity for shared transport to a cohort of students who otherwise would not consider it as well as providing a solution to the lack of regular public transport services from Claremont to the relatively isolated premises of the College.

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David (Your Move)

Great work Christian and John XXIII! A very positive active travel initiative undertaken by the school, which is no doubt having a positive impact on the amount of car traffic at pick up and drop off times. It would be great to see if you could measure the impact with some data from a hands-up survey to find out how many car trips you've removed.

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David (Your Move)

I've linked this story to the 'Seek Bus Improvements' activity which earned you an additional 30 points and I've also added 20 points for outstanding effort (for committing funds to the bus purchase) and 40 points for innovation, as we've never had a story highlighting a similar campaign from a school before.

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