John XXIII Student Get Bike Smart

Christian Thompson
John XXIII College

It was a pedal-powered day for Year 7 students at John XXIII College as they enjoyed their annual Travel Smart to School Day. Enjoying the bright sunshine and friendly competition, the students spent the day enjoying the bike safety program run by the amazing team at Bikesmart which engaged them in challenges and activities to develop basic skills, safety awareness, health and fitness, while having fun!

The students had the time of their lives trying their hardest to successfully complete these challenges. One particular activity that had the students laughing and learning simultaneously involved them struggling to balance dog bowls full of water on their bike helmets as they cycled around the school’s basketball courts on Wednesday. “It’s about smooth cycling with no sudden movements,” Bikesmart’s Richard Woods said

Making the day even more special was the presence of Western Australia's only professional female cyclist Jess Allen. Not only did she thrill the students with stories of her experiences representing Australia around the world, wowing them by showing off her $10,000 road racing machine, she talked to them with great authority about the importance bike safety. “I’ve got a lovely scar with a plate and some screws, but don’t let that put your off cycling,” she told a student who asked about her worst crash. Ms Allen said her proudest achievement was winning the UCI Junior World Championship in 2011.

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James (Your Move)

It sounds like a well rounded day Christian. I've linked your story to the "Bike Education sessions" activity which has given you 80 points. You also got a bonus 10 points for making it such a worthy read! Did you also specifically encourage students to ride to school that day? Did you get a feel for the numbers that participated?

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What a fabulous event day! Year 7 is a great time for student to fine tune those bike skills and really develop the confidence to become independent riders. Thanks for sharing.

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