Active Transport | 20 Minute Poster Challenge

Sarah Adams

Over the course of Term 3, our whole Year 8 cohort have been studying Sustainability during their English classes. To support student reflection at the end of term, students in 8.01 were set a series of challenges that encouraged them to stop and think about what they had learned during the unit regarding sustainability in every day life. The focus was to make students think about applying their knowledge to the world they live in and how they personally could take simple steps to improve their local community.

As part of this activity, students were asked to work in pairs to create a 20 minute poster. Students were encouraged to consider aspects such as visual representation, colour and composition, and slogans that would engage their audience.
They were also asked to have a focus on three key elements; audience, purpose and context.

Audience: Teenagers/High School Students
Context: Suited to KSHS and the surrounding Hills community
Purpose: To promote active transport.

With only 20 minutes on the clock, students had to identify appropriate methods of transport that would be recognised as "active", brainstorm ideas, search for images that conveyed their central message, create their poster and submit it online. Not an easy task! This only allowed them 5 minutes to plan, 10 minutes to create and a few minutes to edit, save and submit before moving on to their next activity.

This proved to be a really fun and effective task with students openly discussing how best to promote the message of active transport to their peers. It was also really interesting to see that riding and walking to school (along with roller-skating and dancing) were favoured in posters while most students are currently travelling to school by bus.

Here are a handful of their creations!

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for this awesome rundown on your chrono design activity! Personnally I have always found rapid design or planning activities a really effective tool - so thanks for going through the steps of what the 8.01 students did. You received 15 points for the classroom activity, a further 15 points for the innovative idea of using rapid design techniques and a final bonus 20 points for outlining it in sufficient detail so that others could replicate it.

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James (Your Move)

BTW - What sites or software did the students use to put the posters together?

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Thanks, James! Great question. There was a variety of methods used by students and they were free to choose what worked best for them. They chose software such as Word and Photoshop and online collage makers such as Canva.

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Thanks that is inspiring. I was thinking of having an infographic competition with our Year 8 students using the data that wac collected in the Hands Up Survey . You have given me some great ideas ! Thanks We are using the data collected in te Hands Up

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