Keeping our Community Informed

Sarah Adams

When we embarked on our Your Move adventure it was clear from the beginning that communication was going to be key for success. Not just at a committee level but with staff school-wide, our students, and of course our broader community. We want our focus on sustainability to be known so that we can build a foundation of support at home and of course this includes our progress with the Your Move program.

At school level we have been regularly using our daily notices via our school Intranet to keep in contact with our student body and staff, supported by posters around the school and staff emails as appropriate. We used this predominantly in the lead up to our Kalamunda Day celebrations to ensure our students knew of the incentives on offer.

Reaching the homes of students is equally as important to us so we have also been regularly using our school newsletter which gets emailed to all families. It has proven a great way to include information about things like our Hands Up Travel Survey results and reaching new levels of accreditation with the program. We were able to share the exciting news of becoming 'Bronze' level members with Your Move and this gave us a wonderful opportunity thank the staff and students who have been supporting our initiatives. We also shared photos, and details of the winners, for our SmartRider Raffle and Scavenger Hunt. This was a really great way to not only keep parents and carers informed but to celebrate the success of students who participated in these initiatives.

Our next job will be to announce our move up to 'Silver' level!

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Unfortunately my hyperlinks didn't work, these are our Term 2 and Term 3 newsletter updates

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James (Your Move)

It looks like you have an effective communication strategy in place Sarah - thanks for sharing the two articles as well as outlining in such detail your approach. By correctly linking the story to the Newsletter activity you received 22 points plus I have just given you a bonus 10 for going into such detail.

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