Locks for Loan Launch!

Sarah Adams
Kalamunda Senior High School

Happy New Year!

In 2019, KSHS found that some students had concerns about cycling to school. We interviewed students about some of the obstacles that stopped them from choosing to use their bike and the issue of forgetting a lock, and therefore not being able to secure their bike, was worrisome. The Bike Lock Loan Scheme was soon devised with the Sustainability Committee allocating funds from our participation in 'Your Move' to get the program off the ground.

We circulated a new 'Cycling 2020' brochure to all students enrolling at the school, including over 250 Year 6 students attending orientation. Within this brochure we announced the locks would be available from the beginning of the 2020 school year.

A $50 Officeworks voucher was all we needed to fund the program.
We chose three different coloured keyed bike locks as our student population choosing to cycle is still relatively small. The selection of keyed locks ensures everyone can use the locks and we don't need to worry about forgetting or changing combinations.
The bike locks were $14.60 each ($43.80). We also purchased an A5 clipboard ($2.27) and a small plastic container to store the locks in ($4.29). Bringing us to a grand total of $50.36c. We've labeled it, supplied sign in/out sheets (along with a Your Move pen of course!), and it's now enjoying its new home in Student Services.
The new scheme is being promoted via our daily notices and signage near our bike racks.

We're looking forward to seeing how the locks are accessed over the course of the year and to see if our focus on cycling is reflected in our Hands Up Survey planned for later this term.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Sarah - welcome back for 2020! Thanks for sharing the promo of your new bike lock scheme - although the scheme itself was scored last year your 2020 promotion of it has earned you 25 points. Were you an accountant in a previous life - that is some very impressive budgeting there!

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