New Bike Shelters Planned For Our School!

Andrew Smith

Kalamunda Senior High School is very excited to announce our successful application for a platinum ‘Connecting Schools’ grant allowing for the building of two single-sided bike shelters for use by all school students.

This follows on from the great work by the Sustainability Committee in identifying the barriers some students have raised relating to cycling to school, which included concerns about limited options to secure their bike once at school. This lead to the introduction of ‘The Bike Lock Loan Scheme’ enabling students to borrow one of three bike locks from Student Services to secure their bikes once at school.

Complimenting our loan scheme, the new shelters will help Kalamunda Senior High School further promote active travel by protecting bikes from the elements. The bike shelters will be a great asset, supporting our goal of driving an increase in the number of students cycling to school, as opposed to less sustainable transport methods, such as car drop-offs.

Once installed, these shelters will be promoted through announcements in the daily notices and signage throughout the school. Further, information about the bike shelters will be included in the existing ‘Cycling to School 2020’ brochure given to new students upon enrolling in our school.

Mrs Helen Deacon, School Principal, says it has been very encouraging to see an increasing number of bikes each day in our current bike racks. This has been a wonderful improvement with many more students riding to school now than in previous years and is a wonderful result of the work of the Sustainability Committee last year.

We are looking forward to watching this project progress by having the bike shelters built and seeing even more students cycling to school. The Sustainability Committee will be monitoring the response to the school’s focus on cycling via the ‘Hands Up Survey’ planned for later this year once the new shelters have been constructed.

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James (Your Move)

Great update Andrew! Congratulations for getting the bike shelters organised. You have earned 40 points for unlocking your Connecting Schools grant to received these shelters, plus a bonus 10 for all the additional details. Make sure you let us know how your promotions go to get some more points. I'd also love to see some photos once they are in place.

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