We've hinted over the last few posts that we are actively making a plan for the 2020 school year. We have set our SMART goals and considered how we will achieve each milestone during the year. We have consulted staff and students to create this list and worked with classes to consider what will be viable. As this has been our first year participating in Your Move we wanted to use this time to get our bearings. Now that we have some solid data thanks to Hands Up Surveys and student involvement to inform our plans, we can start to make steps towards positive change.

1. Improve biking infrastructure and increase the number of students cycling to school.
We have already begun to see positive improvements in this area and have worked hard on our You Move accreditation to hopefully access a grant that will support this goal. We have planned activities to educate students and acknowledge and reward cyclists.

2. Improve the education of students about the positive benefits of active travel across all year levels, including incoming students.
We are planning to develop a set of education sessions to help support students' awareness of the benefits of walking, cycling and taking the bus as well as the potential consequences of reliance on cars. We have also devised a plan to reach our to incoming Year 7s during Term 4 orientation and help the next generation of KSHS students to be active travel aware.

3. Evaluate safe walking routes to school and network with appropriate authorities to support student travel options.
We have identified through discussion with students that walking to school can be seen in a negative light due to the limited crosswalks and heavy traffic on the main road. We would like to assess if modifications can be made to accommodate local students who want to walk safely to school.

These goals form part of our broader 2020 Sustainable Schools Plan.
Alongside these goals, we have also identified a range of calendar dates that provide the opportunity for us to put the spotlight on active travel and raise awareness around the school. We feel that each of these opportunities if used effectively, will allow us to move closer to reaching the goals above. We have our tentative 2020 Active Travel Promotion calendar attached.

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James (Your Move)

Well it seems your vision is very clear! You have a very well thought through plan - thanks for sharing that as well as your calendar. I'm really looking forward to following how it all comes together in 2020. As a follow up to your "Define your issues and make a plan" story on 13 Nov, I have given you 20 points for the details you have outlined today.

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Fantastic to see the lebedev

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