We are really fortunate at Kalamunda SHS to have a HOPE Department that have developed rich programs that actively support our students understanding and appreciation of active transport options.

As part of our reflection on the 2019 school year, and planning for 2020, we have been evaluating the different ways we meet targets to educate students about active travel. One of the great opportunities available to our students is enrollment in our Outdoor Adventure program available to students from Year 7 through to Year 10. The program launched in 2007 and we are really proud as the sole provider of a course of this nature to have this course endorsed by the Department of Education. All students involved undertake dedicated bike education units in each year of study.

Currently the Year 8 OAP students are completing a cycling unit with twice-weekly bike education sessions, a skill set they started developing in the Year 7 program. We took the opportunity to speak with a group of students currently enrolled in the program about their experiences.

"We ride throughout the local area and develop an awareness of bike safety" - Max L

"It's very fun because you get to spend time outdoors being active" - Noah G

"It's fun, educational and provides us with a really valuable skill set" - Caitlin S

"Each year progresses allowing us to learn essential skills including bike safety." - Siobhan S

Students spoke enthusiastically about the different learning opportunities (and challenges) that they were afforded in the program. They explained that they not only learn how to safely and effectively ride the bikes but also how to maintain and repair them if issues are experienced. They learn how to check the tyre pressure, change or repair tyres, how to safely brake and change gears and how to effectively take care of the mountain bikes. All the students who participated in the interview emphasised how fun the class is and how much they enjoy the different activities they undertake. They also spoke about the fact they were more confident riding to school because of the skills they developed while undertaking the OAP journey.

A big thank you to Mr Stott and his class for making themselves available to be interviewed!
(Pictured below, students from the 8OAP class)

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James (Your Move)

Hi Sarah, Mr Stott and all the OAP students! Thanks for this detailed outline of your OAP program and how it embraces cycle skills training. I really like how it is integrated into your curriculum and has been recognised by the DoE. You received 80 points from correctly linking to the Bike Ed activity. I have also given you 50 points for including Bike Maintenance and Repair skills (another YM activity). You also received some bonus points: 10 for the level of detail, 15 for the innovation of the OAP and 5 for including your students' thoughts.

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