Once again we have taken time to reach out to families to let them know about our progress with active travel at school. In this edition, we were able to celebrate the exciting news that we had obtained GOLD accreditation here at Your Move.

We also shared the recent interview with our Outdoor Education students which will hopefully encourage others to consider this course and ensure more students are enrolling. In our next installment, we will be able to share the findings of our most recent Hands Up Travel Survey, just in time for the summer holidays. We're considering a parent survey at this time to which will help inform our 2020 plans.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for sharing your newsletter item Sarah, by correctly linking the activity you automatically earned 22 points. Have you thought about having a little celebration for all the levels you have achieved this year? It is a great team bonding opportunity and can also be a good photo op for the local media (not to mention it could earn you another lot of points!).

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