It's Orientation Week at Kalamunda and hundreds of Year 6 students are visiting, preparing themselves for the 2020 school year.

In collaboration with the wonderful team that organises our Orientation Day, we have implemented a great way to encourage new students to cycle to school and choose active travel. We designed and printed a new brochure called "Cycling to School 2020" which explains to students everything they need to know about riding their bike to campus.

We included:
Information about where to park with a map
Access points to the school
Details of our new emergency bike-locks
Security and the Bikelinc website
Safety information and expectations of students as part of the broader community.

Students also receive Transperth brochures so they can make informed choices about public transport. We also promote the Transperth App so students can check when their bus will arrive and their estimated travel time to and from school.

We were also able to work with the Orientation Day Team to include prize packs for Year 7s students participating in a Treasure Hunt activity. We used our bonus points from posting here in the community to purchase drink bottles, smart rider wallets and pens for winners in each group. We feel we can promote active travel to our new students this way as they learn about their new school and our culture at KSHS.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Sarah - it looks like you have organised a really comprehensive active travel orientation for new students. Did you also know that apparently if the year 6s get their SmartRider now (ie while still in year 6) they can avoid the normal $5 admin fee? Apart from the 25 points you earned for promoting PT options, you also received 25 points for promoting bike security plus a bonus 20 for giving enough details to enable other schools to replicate your initiative.

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