Bike Education Lesson 2

Courtney Bridge
Kyilla Primary School

Yesterday in Bike Education we reviewed helmet safety and we talked about how to correctly turn a corner. Our instructors reminded us to raise the foot on the inside of the corner.

When we got on our bikes we did the ABC check again to make sure they were okay to ride on. We practiced riding in a figure of 8 in pairs to help us with our slow riding skills and communication. After we did the figure of 8 we did emergency brakes to help if we need to use/do an emergency brake in real life. To do an emergency brake you must quickly put both hands on the brakes and lean back on your bike at the same time.

Overall we all enjoyed our second Bike Education lesson and cannot wait to do another lesson.

Annalisa (Year 5)

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for your insight into the workings of Bike Ed at Kyilla Annalisa - I love the action shot of what I assume is a group practice of an emergency stop.

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