Our New Scooter Rack!

Courtney Bridge
Kyilla Primary School

Today we got a new scooter rack at our school! It is so awesome! The scooter rack allows students to lock their scooters up without worrying they will be stolen. Lewis Wilmot in Year 4 was the first person to put his scooter in the rack because he could not wait to do so! We would like to thank Your Move for giving our school such a great scooter rack. So now it’s Your Move! Scoot to school! By Lewis Wilmot (Year4) and Noah Hugo (Year 5)

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Hi Lewis and Noah. Thanks for sharing this good news story! It's really great to see that Kyilla Primary School has benefited from the Connecting Schools Grant.

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James (Your Move)

Nice story Noah and Lewis. Installing scooter parking has earned Kyilla 80 points, and having the story written by students gives you a bonus 5 points!

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