Courtney Bridge
Kyilla Primary School

Congratulations, Kyilla! At our last assembly we celebrated earning a silver accreditation for The Your Move program. The Your Move program is encouraging kids to get to school by walking, riding and by not taking the car. Also in addition to the silver accreditation, the school earned a scooter rack last year and students can bring a padlock and lock up their scooter. Keep up the good work Kyilla!

From The Prefects Milly, Sanko and Annalisa

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James (Your Move)

That's great news Milly, Sanko and Annalisa! I linked your story to the "Run a YM assembly item -Term 1" activity - that gives you 30 points. Plus you also received 15 points for having a celebration of your new level. Are the prefects also on the YM team? Let us know if you have a new YM team for 2019 and who they are and you can get more points.

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