Active Transport Day at LG!

Scott Tapper

In week 4 of this term, we conducted our very first Active Transport at LGDHS day led with our Your Move student team (photo below).

This day culminated in all K-10 classes looking at different aspects of active transport and presenting this information to their respective classes.

We also invited some guest speakers to talk about this important area - many via teleconference to provide their insights into how things have changed over time.

Students studied the travel routes into the town, graphed traffic data, presented on varying types of active transport - weighing the advantages and disadvantages of each and shared their thoughts on the future of active transport within our local community.

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James (Your Move)

What a massive day! Your AT event doesn't neatly fit into one of our YM activities, so I have given you points for 4 classroom activities (4 x 15 points) plus another 20 points for the outstanding way you engaged so many classes from K-10. Great work everyone!

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Hi David... it sure was! I was very impressed with what the students learnt about active transport this term. They are really rallying behind the cause here at Lake Grace, couldn't be more proud.

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