Building Momentum - Staff and parent Workshops

SCOTT Tapper

At our recent staff and parent workshops I had the pleasure of discussing and sharing how Your Move is changing behaviours at our school and exciting students about active transport.

Staff worked collaboratively to discuss how we can further embed active transport into our school from Kindergarten to Year 12.

At a separate parent workshop, parents also overwhelmingly endorsed our new focus and were excited to join our many events planned throughout the year.

I presented information about how the program worked, what events we currently have planned with our students and where we plan to go with the program for the year and into the years ahead.

With 100% buy in of all classes and great excitement amongst our school community, we are entering an exciting phase in our Your Move journey.

.... the question that everyone is now asking......Can a school joining in Term 2 reach double platinum in just 3 terms?

We sure will try! Let’s hope James likes our many planned events.

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James (Your Move)

It looks like your really nailed it with your presentations to staff and parents Scott. I think it is very wise of you to get the school community's buy-in early in your involvement - well done. These sessions have earned you 25 points, plus 10 for all the details. Double Platinum in 2 and a bit terms? I'm not sure it has been done before, but with your enthusiasm, organisation and support of the school community, it certainly is possible! Go for it!

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LGDHS (& Scott) you are an inspiration! Keep aiming high.

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