On the last day of term we had our very first Easter Dash. This event was an opportunity for us to combine our annual Easter Egg Hunt with active travel promotion.

Easter eggs were placed around the front of the school gardens with BUS, WALKING, SKATING and BIKE RIDING icons on selected items which gave the students who found these special Your Move rewards such as towels, backpacks, a $50 rebel sport voucher and pens.

Unfortunately, we were having so much fun that we didn't take our usual photos for the event but with all kindergarten to Year 12 students attending, it was a great fun day to celebrate the end of term.

Tamika - Your Move Student Team

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What an exciting activity to get everyone thinking about active ways to travel. I have added 15 points for your story Tamika, thank you for a good read.

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What a novel Easter Hunt/Dash! Loved how you incorporated AT into the hunt. Tamika, we too have been caught having so much fun (or is it being very busy?) that we missed getting photos!

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Thank you. Mr Tapper and I were running around hiding the eggs so we competely forgot about photos. Was very fun. Tamika

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