LG Walk, ride or Bus to School Challenge

Scott Tapper

For the last few weeks we have been challenging all students to walk, ride or arrive to school by bus.

Students collected your move slips on special days (we didn't tell them when) to be entered into a special prize draw.

The winning entry will be drawn at a assembly today with Your Move being a focus item. They will win a $50 Rebel Sport voucher :)

Here are some photos of the many students entering into the draw.

Every day that we conducted the challenge, over half the students at our school participated. Go Team Lake Grace Grace!

The best part was the number of high school students giving it a go. 80% participated on the days we ran the challenge.

Thank you, Grace - Your Move Student Team

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James (Your Move)

Nice story Grace, and great work on the challenge everyone at Lake Grace! Running this challenge has earned you 50 points and you received 15 for an engaging story from Grace's pen! It must be very rewarding to see 80% of your high school students joining in.

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