Today we took to the streets as we launched our new termly Walking Bus.

This new active transport promotion event saw the vast majority of our town's students walking with us on route to school this morning (60% of our town based students).

Our bus students didn't miss out of the fun either as we conducted a special lap of the school in promotion of the new initiative.

We look forward to our next Walking Bus in Term 4!

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James (Your Move)

Judging by the photos Scott, you had close to 30 students on your first WSB. That must have been quite a sight! Nice work getting so many kids walking to school from the town. You received 90 points for getting your WSB up and running, I look forward to hearing your update in term 4. Maybe someday it will become a weekly event run by parents! You also received 5 bonus points for letting us know your participation rate.

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Hi David, was 1/4 of our school at that point so definitely a good sight. We had more join us on the final stretch - just had too many cars to contend with to take photos.

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