National Walk Safely to School Day 2021!!!

Scott Tapper

This past Friday we again took to the town streets for our Walking Bus! This event coincided with National Walk Safely to School Day.

Students braved the cooler weather and joined us along the route for a morning of active travel and safety talks as modelled how to 'stop, look, listen and think' and we crossed the road.

We had to compete against our new running club which is running each day this term so there were alot less of us than usual with 32 at the walking bus and 28 at the running club at the same time.

The high school students were too embarassed to join the photos too!

We are looking forward to our event next week - Our Your Move "Move your Feet Cross Country Event"! Thank you, Aleisha - Your Move Team

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James (Your Move)

Great to see it all happening again at Lake Grace! I have linked your story to the "National Walk Safely to School Day" which gives you 40 points, plus added in 25 points for your WSB add-on. Of course you also received your using 10 "good read" points and 5 for Aleisha putting pen to paper. See you soon for the "Move Your Feet" event (make sure there are lots of active travel links 😉).

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