Our Inaugural Walk or Ride to School Day!

Scott Tapper

Today was our first Walk or Ride to school event to coincide with 100 days of school and Crazy Hair Day!

Students raised funds for the Cystic Fibrosis Federation with a staggering 65% of our students choosing to ride or walk to school. 20% caught the bus and only 15% arrived by car. Thats 85% using active transport! All students standing represent our active transporters!

This was a stark difference to the previous day last term in which 35% rode or walked to school, 20% caught the bus and 45% arrived by car.

When asked why the students are starting to use their bikes and scooting or walk to school, many students replied proudly that ‘we are a Your Move school, so we choose to walk, ride or catch the bus instead’.

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Well, LGDHS, you ARE the epitomy of the Your Move ethos! And well done Scott for inspiring your school to aspire to such positives.

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James (Your Move)

Ah Crazy Hair day - that explains some of the photos in your previous story! 85% is a brilliant result for your first active travel event day Scott. And good to hear that the kids are making the connection with YM too. Your event has earned you 40 points, plus 10 points for sharing the percent active travel you achieved.

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Thanks Arlene and James. Yeah we combined different events together to maximise use of the time. We certainly were happy with the results.

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