Today we met up with Mr Tapper to celebrate our Your Move successes and check in to discuss our plans for the rest of the year.

Our biggest successes have been the changes in behaviour across the school. We think that we'd have to close to 100% of all students who now what what active travel is and many will happily share with you what they do to walk, ride, scooter or bus to school each day.

We brainstormed our upcoming competitions and added another event to the calendar.... because we love adding more events!

Providing prizes at each event has been another big success. It is amazing what students will do to get themselves a Your Move prize. We even have kids asking their mums and dads who usually drive into school from neighbouring towns, being dropped off down the road from school to bike in for the day.

We are now all set to go for the rest of the term and start of next term....... I wonder if we'll be allowed to have another roller disco?

Thank you, Will, Aleisha and Kyle - Your Move Student Leaders

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James (Your Move)

Thanks Will, Aleisha and Kyle. What a great job you have all done raising understanding of active travel at Lake Grace 🤩. I love how the kids are pushing their parents along too! You have earned 10 points for your Term 2 meeting, 10 points for a great story and another 5 for your student perspective.

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