Ride to school day for bike month

SCOTT Tapper

Today was our annual Ride to School for Bike Month event. This event was another way for us to promote active travel at Lake Grace with students asked to ride a bike or scooter to school where possible.

Here is the poster we created to promote this important event (we featured):

It was pleasing to see so many students take part this year. We counted 53 bikes, scooters and the odd skateboard as they arrived to the bike racks.

A big thank you to our other team members and to Mr Tapper who assisted us to make this another successful Your Move event.

We look forward to our next Your Move event.

*Post by Neha and Tamika (Your Move Student Team Leaders)

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Nice work, Neha & Tamika. Great to see so many smiling faces. Just goes to show being out & active is ALL GOOD! Double Platinum getting closer by the day.

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James (Your Move)

18 photos Scott? Have you ever been accused of being extreme? Well in this case it is extremely GOOD! You have earned 40 points for your Bike Month Ride 2 School day, plus bonuses of 10 for keeping me smiling with your photos and story quality, 5 for Neha and Tamika giving you a break and writing the story, and another 5 for letting us know 53 kids got on their wheels for the day. BTW - great to see some many helmets too!

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Thanks Arlene and James. James Not extremely but definitely thorough :). We actually had more photos but our internet connectivity was playing up. To see so many bikes, scooters and skateboards in a school where so ma my students arrive via bus is incredible. I’m was a very proud moment for us. The students are very keen to write more stories in the weeks and months ahead.

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