Step up to Clean Up - lets get moving!

Scott Tapper

Today we joined Your Move with our annual Clean up Australia Day event to promote active travel in the community.

Together with all K-12 students, staff and volunteers we proudly WALKED through the town, collecting rubbish.

Whilst on the way - we discusses ways to travel to school and suggested the best routes to travel into school each day via riding or walking. We even found a few shortcuts along the way!

We spotted a few crosisng signs that need replacing too so will let the local Shire know to fix.

Thank you, LGDHS Your Move Team. Written by Tamika Cross.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for your story on your Clean up Australia Day event Tamika. And thanks for making it clear how you linked the event to Active Travel. You have earned 40 points for the event, plus 10 for the details and 5 for student content. BTW the activity "Volunteer Power" is more related to engaging volunteers to help reduce the champs workload in delivering YM, so I have re-linked your story to "Run a special event".

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