Survey complete – lets now lock in some events

Scott Tapper

Lake Grace DHS completed it's very first 'Hands Up' survey last week to gauge the different modes of transport made to arrive at school each day.

Student Councillors began the exciting process of surveying all classes and used the information to begin planning key events for the remainder of the 2020 year.

Following an extensive planning session with our 7 student councillors, Principal and Student Council Co-ordinator, the school will now offer at least 3 events per term which are themed to promote increased activity, greater mobility and overall road safety practices.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Scott - well done for facilitating a student YM team at Lake Grace - and congratulations to the team for conducting their first hands up survey! You have received 60 points for establishing your team and having the first team meeting. Check out our activity "Define your issues and make a plan" - once your plan is established you can earn more points! Also let me know if you have set up a regular team meeting schedule.

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Thank you James, we are exciterd to begin our YM journey. We are currently developing our plan and our regular team meeting schedule. It looks like the points awarded have disappeared overnight?

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James (Your Move)

Eh - yes, sorry - I forgot to hit the "go" button for the 60 points! Fixed now.

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