With Term 4 upon us, we were very eager to complete our Hands Up survey to see just how much has changed since we joined the Your Move in June.

As big advocates for active travel we were pleased to see that the results reflected all the efforts we have been making as a school to promote active transport to and from school each day.

A big thank you to the Your Move team for supporting us on our journey this year - particularly with the generous double platinum grant. It has been an incredible experience to see such a profound impact to our school in such a small amount of time. We look forward to our first full year of Your Move in 2021.

We were most pleased to see a huge 47% decrease in driving, 53% increase in walking and a staggering 110% increase in cycling..... I think everyone is very excited about our new shade structure which will be installed in the weeks ahead.

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Big pats on the backs to LGDHS, the YM student team & Mr Tapper for so ably steering a wonderful start to the YM journey (may it be an ACTIVE one!) Your stories are always so engaging & a pleasure to read. Oh and a WELL DONE on achieving Double Platinum!

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James (Your Move)

A brilliant result from an awesome team who really put in a super effort since day one of signing up! Being in term 4, your survey counts as an official "end of year" survey and so has separately (when you uploaded the results) earned you 50 points. I'm sure there is still more to come from LGDHS this term so we'll all be standing by!

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Thanks everyone. Great results after a great run of active travel promotion :). More to come!

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