The LGDHS 'your move' themed Cross Country event this past Wednesday saw all Kindergarten to Year 12 students engaged in physical activity as they navigated new cross country tracks designed by students for students.

Parents and spectators were encouraged to join in the fun, many of which, walked to the event and participated on the day - with students designing posters to promote physical activity, greater use of bikes, scooters and walking with the aim to reduce the use of cars as a whole.

Our new Your Move team recorded parents mode of transport upon arrival and were pleased to see 75% arrive to school without use of a vehicle. Last year nearly all parents drove to the event.

This year saw special 500m, 1km, 2km, 3km and 4km tracks used depending on the age level of the students - making use of the beautiful natural terrain of the local area.

Students wore new coloured visibility vests to identify students of all different year levels and our start and finish lines were adapted so that all competitors could start and finish the race together - meaning that no student would feel that they were 'last'.

It was an inspiring sight to see all students, irrespective of ability, take part in the event - many working together to finish the family friendly race.

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James (Your Move)

Scott and the YM team at Lake Grace - I love your thinking! You have taken an event which promotes PA but not necessarily Active Travel, and made it into a vehicle for not only increasing AT for students, but influencing the whole school community. Absolutely brilliant! Normally a 'simple' cross country event wouldn't actually score YM points - but your efforts have earned you 40 points for the event itself, 30 points for your inspired innovation of using it as an AT promo vehicle, 10 points for sharing so many details and a final 10 points for sharing the 75% AT rates you achieved. With the automatic photo and posting points, you gained a very well earned 106 points for your efforts!

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Thank you James. We are looking at ways for every event we do to have an Active Travel focus - given we are a regional school, linking to physical activity definitely assists us in the process. We look forward to sharing our many more in Term 3 and 4 :)

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