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Joanna Webster

Just a quick story to show that we continue to promote Your Move in our newsletters, as well as on our social media!

This fortnight, our update is about Walk2School Day and an update on the grants we have received: for Year 3 bike education and a whole day of bike checkups.

We have been really eager to score Your Move when they come up, so always make sure we are online first thing in the morning when they are announced so that we don’t miss out.

Last year our Connecting Schools grant scored us 4 weeks of bicycle education for our Year 3 students. Our most recent Super Boost grant from this month is the bike checkup package which we are really excited about as it fits in so nicely with our bike ed starting soon!

We are very grateful for Your Move giving us these great opportunities which keep our community prepared to engage in active travel!

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James (Your Move)

Hi again Joanna! That is excellent news that you secured the 2022 Super Boost funding for bike safety checks 🤩. You have earned 40 points for accessing this grant and another 10 points for sharing the details of how you are using the funding as well as your newsletter and social media promos.

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