Bicycle Safety Check Grant from People on Bicycles!

Joanna Webster

Today is a very exciting day because we are having a mechanic work on our bicycles in the undercover area as part of the super boost grant we received earlier this month.

Our Year 3 students are beginning their bicycle education lessons soon so we thought it would be best if we could give the safety check grant to the Year 3’s.

People on Bicycles are providing both the bike education and the checks. They provided us with a handy registration link to send out to parents. Parents were told that the first 30 people who applied for a safety check would win one.

This morning, parents and children had to leave their bikes in the undercover area - and at the end of the day they will be very excited to pick them up. They will now have the confidence to ride them during their lessons knowing that they are completely checked.

People on Bicycles also gave us a handy checklist to use for the families who did not want safety checks ,so that they can check their bikes safety themselves at home. We are really excited about the education starting soon.

Thanks People on Bicycles and Your Move!

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James (Your Move)

Great to see all those bikes ready to go! It looks like a very smooth operation 😊. Thanks for sharing all those action shots and also your coverage on Facebook.

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