Bike Education Started Today!!

Joanna Webster

This year we are so excited to have the sport teachers on board with Your Move at LGPS - and they have kicked off 2022 with some bike education for the Year 4’s and 5’s!

The kids absolutely LOVED riding their bikes around the basketball court and learning all about bike safety.

Our bike racks were absolutely overflowing, which we filmed to promote the program on our social media.

With tomorrow being Ride 2 School Day and still beautiful weather here in Perth, we are really hoping to see the same scenes at the bike racks again.

Since we joined Your Move in 2019, bike riding has improved from 17% to over 30%. This is a result of our reward programs and publicising safe routes to school (including our Your Move access guide and ground stencils).

Let’s hope that today’s bike education lessons help to get a few more over the line!

The rising cost of fuel might help us out even more. It’s the kids and the environment that are the real winners here!

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James (Your Move)

Brilliant story Joanna - your energy and enthusiasm really shines thorugh 😍 (and that has earned you a bonus 20 points!). It is really great to hear that LGPS has seen such an increase in cycling - and that photo really captures it. I have to admit that these crazy fuel prices have really motivated our household to do much more than usual by bike 😯. You and the team at LGPS have earned 80 points for these sessions and another 10 for using social media this term to promote Active Travel. Have a great NR2SD and a wonderful weekend 😊.

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