Dress Up Your Bike Day 2019!

Joanna Webster
Lake Gwelup Primary School

The last Monday of Term 4 was our fourth and final “Motor-Free Monday” for the year! The Transport Troopers also decided to make it a festive themed “Dress Up Your Bike Day” and dish out some of our awesome new Your Move prizes to the keen riders!

We had so many participants all the way from Kindy to Year 6! The biggest turn out by far was the Year 2 cohort.. Well done Year 2s!

We had over 50 participants and gave prizes out to the top 2 from each grade (voted by the Transport Troopers). Our favourite bikes featured flashing lights and some creatively placed tinsel!

Well done all... We can’t wait to see what else the Transport Troopers come up with next year to keep this ball rolling!

Below are some pics, but you can also view the post on our Facebook page: Lake Gwelup Primary School

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James (Your Move)

Some great Christmas themes in there - I particularly like the little elf hitchhiker! You have already received points for your regular active transport day this term, but this story has earned you 20 points for adding in a dress up bike event as well as 10 points for sharing the details of the day and a little bonus of 5 points for letting us know that you had 50 participants. We too are looking forward to your Troopers plans for 2020!

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