Enjoy Djeran active travel month underway!

Joanna Webster

Throughout May, we are running a month-long active travel competition to embrace the Noongar season of Djeran. Every Friday, students will receive a raffle ticket which will go into a box and a raffle will be drawn on the final Monday in May. The prize is an umbrella (to keep us dry on our walks to school!) beautifully designed by an Indigenous artist.

We started with a poster competition late last term…

Friday was our first day collecting recycled (scrap paper) raffle tickets.

The Year 6 Transport Troopers have compiled all the tickets into a box to keep them safe until the raffle.

We are also trying to encourage people to Park n Stride a bit more to enjoy this beautiful season!

We are in our third year of Your Move and have had a few different active travel days in the past: Motor Free Mondays, Fume Free Fridays, Walk n Talk Wednesdays, Motor Free Mystery days - but we are loving the feedback about Enjoy Djeran so far. Nice to keep things fresh after years with the program!!

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Natasha (Your Move)

Thank you for sharing your Djeran plans with us, Joanna! Congratulations on your third year with Your Move. You have earned 50 points for Launching an Active Travel Rewards Campaign, 22 points for promoting active travel in your newsletter and I added 20 points for your story detail. We look forward to reading about the winner!

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