First Parent Survey!

Joanna Webster
Lake Gwelup Primary School

In the final week of a Term 4, our Your Move Champion, Miss Webster, sent out a parent survey to gauge parent perceptions of active transportation. We are new to our Your Move journey and we wanted to uncover some of the barriers to walking or riding to school, since our first Hands Up survey showed that around 70% of our students arrive at school via car.

The survey was a digital version of the template found here on this website, and was answered in detail by 76 Lake Gwelup Primary School families!

Out of the 76 families who answered the survey, 67 of them live within 2 kilometres of the school. All families believed that using active travel was a good idea, particularly due to the health benefits.

Some of the main barriers to using active travel was the safety, particularly with regards to crossing the very busy North Beach Road. Other families are very busy themselves and parents need to rush off to work immediately after drop off, or attend sporting activities after school.

Still, the response has been great so far and we look forward to tackling these barriers more in 2020!

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I forgot to add my link to the survey if anyone is interested in making a copy. It was very easy to distribute and collect digitally via Google forms!

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James (Your Move)

Thanks Joanna, especially for sharing the forms document. If it isn't already the case, I would suggest saving a copy of the document and sharing that version, so that no one accidentally enters new data into the survey. I can remove the previous link if necessary. You received 60 points for doing this survey, 10 points for sharing the details and another 10 points for sharing the document.

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