Fume-Free Fridays!

Joanna Webster

In Term 1, 2021, Lake Gwelup has introduced a new active travel day - Fume-Free Fridays!

This year we have NEW Transport Troopers (which we trained up in Term 4) since the 10 students we have had since our YourMove launch in October 2019 have now graduated.

Our new Troopers wanted to personalise Your Move, so they have launched a new active travel day on Fridays!

The new Troopers have moved on from our original raffle system (Motor-Free Mondays or Motor-Free Mystery Days) and have aligned the day with PBS (the whole school positive behaviour initiative we began implementing last year). Students now receive a PBS point for Responsibility when they arrive at school via active travel on Fume-Free Fridays!

Since our launch, we have tried to keep our active travel days fresh by changing the day every few terms (this also helps to include different kindy groups etc) and helps drive home the message that EVERY day should be an active travel day!

We have also begun taking away weekly extrinsic rewards (raffle prizes) now that the community has begun to embrace active travel more regularly. :)

Well done Transport Troopers!

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James (Your Move)

Yes, a few schools have been integrating their regular AT days with the PBS so it seems a good move. Great to hear that it is resulting in the reward being embedded as an intrinsic reward. I have linked your story to the related activity which gives you 90 points for Term 1 plus 20 points for your detailed discussion of the changes. Thanks again Joanna!

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