Hands Up Results: End of 2022

Joanna Webster
Lake Gwelup Primary School

Our new Transport Troopers eagerly collected their first Hands Up survey data yesterday! They were super eager and surveyed each class in pairs.

We found that our active travel results had dropped a lot since March (which had been an excellent survey where active travel was more popular than cars!) and the Transport Troopers were sad to see that 56% of our students had arrived via car even though it was a beautiful sunny day!

It was nice to see that even on a disappointing day, our cycling results were still up almost 10% since we joined Your Move.

Walking results were only 17%, so the Transport Troopers are already eager to have a big focus on walking in early 2023. One of the Year 4’s has even already suggested a “walk your dog to school day” which we think would be a huge hit!

We are also thinking of focusing on rewarding parents for the first time, as we have been rewarding students for years now and they really love walking/riding! We were thinking about perhaps having hidden QR codes for competition entry and parents scan these on the way to school if they find them.

Even though we were disappointed with the results and know our school can do better, it has ignited a spark in our Transport Troopers and given us a goal to work towards as we embark on our 4th year of Your Move!

Watch this space!!

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James (Your Move)

Hi Joanna - I love it when the kids don't get too dispondent with the occational disappointing result, and instead look to the positives and find ways to set things back on course! Both the Walk Your Dog idea and the QR concept are very exciting. I can't wait to hear how they develop. You have earned 20 points for your reflections here, on top of the 50 points you earned automatically when you uploaded the HUS results.

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