Hands Up Survey results!

Joanna Webster
Lake Gwelup Primary School

Recently we completed our second "Hands Up" survey for the year! At first it wasn't looking like much of a change from our previous 40% active travel, but when the Year 3 and 4 results rolled in, things started looking pretty good!

Our biggest win was that the Year 2-4 students have started riding to school a lot more - we have a 30% increase in cycling overall! This is not too surprising as we see overflowing bike racks regularly and we had so much fun with our Slow Bike Race at the end of last term. :)

We would love to think of some plans to get our early childhood and upper primary students arriving at school via active travel a little bit more - possibly with a 'class challenge'.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Joanna - well done for Lake Gwelup's 30% increase in cycling - that is a significant achievement (as is too your increase in walking!). As this counts as your 'end of year' survey, you have separately received 50 points for uploading your results. Regarding the younger kids - yes a class challenge could be a good idea. But it may be worth while to investigate a little what the barriers might be to the younger ones using AT. If it is road safety concerns or confidence you might like to consider the approach taken at Honeywood PS. They have created a bike track in the school grounds and use it for road safety lessons. They also have a 'Wheels on Wednesday' activity where kids who ride or scoot to school can also ride around the track during lunchtime. Check out the below stories they have posted on their approach. https://www.yourmove.org.au/honeywood-primary-school/today-tonight-story/ https://www.yourmove.org.au/honeywood-primary-school/real-crosswalks-at-the-school/ Other schools have done something similar by setting up an obstacle course in the quad and allowing the kids to use that at lunch if they have brought their 'wheels' to school.

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