Introducing Our New Transport Troopers!!!

Joanna Webster
Lake Gwelup Primary School

Introducing… our new Transport Troopers for 2022/3!!

We had a process where all Year 4 students were eligible to apply for the role via a written application.

We had nearly 40 applications, so it was really tough to decide! But Miss Webster and Mr Drayton carefully read each one and narrowed it down to 8 lucky individuals.

In the short time they have been Troopers, they have already: run our Slow Bike Race (including promoting it on the PA & by delivering posters), completed their first Hands Up survey (very efficiently!!) and they are now organising our upcoming Dress Up Your Bike Day.

We have already had 3 meetings in this past month to get the ball rolling!

Mr Drayton and Miss Webster feel like these Transport Troopers are bringing such a fresh energy to Your Move at LGPS and we can’t wait to see what they help us achieve…

We are so close to going Double Platinum for the first time so we are hoping to achieve that by the end of the year!! Will we make it? 😱

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Love the name - Transport Troopers :)

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Emma Jack (Your Move)

Wow Joanna. Forty applicants!! That must have been a very difficult decision. Congratulations on making the Transport Trooper position so desirable! Sounds like they are off to an impressive start. That's 10 points for your quarterly team update, plus a bonus 25 for great storytelling, establishing such a buzz and sharing the student response.

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