Lake Gwelup Primary School National Walk Safely to School Day

Tighe Drayton

On the sunny but cold morning of May 26th, 2023, Lake Gwelup Primary School organised and successfully completed their National Walk Safely to School Day. The event saw an incredible turnout, with approximately 200 enthusiastic students participating, marking the school's highest attendance ever for the initiative.

In the lead-up to the event, the dedicated Transport Troopers of Lake Gwelup Primary School went above and beyond, designing captivating posters to encourage student participation. Their efforts paid off as the school community rallied together, ready to embark on a day of active transportation and environmental awareness.

The excitement was visible as the students, accompanied by teachers, parents, and even some four-legged friends, gathered at the Lake Gwelup shops to commence the walk to school. The leisurely 20-minute stroll created a cheerful procession, with a vibrant display of unity and enthusiasm from the participants.

Adding to the excitement, the Scarborough Police and Stuart Aubrey, the esteemed Member of Parliament for Scarborough, graciously joined the event. The Scarborough Police's presence brought an element of awe and excitement for the students, with a select few Year 6 students even getting the chance to try on handcuffs under the watchful guidance of the officers.

The walk not only promoted physical activity but also served as a valuable opportunity to raise awareness about the benefits of active transportation on the environment. Upon reaching the school, the Transport Troopers took to the microphone and emphasized the positive impact that walking or using active transport can have on reducing carbon emissions and fostering a cleaner and healthier community.

Deputy Principal Jodi Piercey expressed her gratitude towards all the participants, highlighting the exceptional level of commitment displayed by the students, staff, parents, and the wider community. The success of the National Walk Safely to School Day at Lake Gwelup Primary School stands as a testament to the strong sense of community spirit and environmental consciousness fostered within the school.

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James (Your Move)

Judging by the photos it looks like the Police had as much fun as the kids 😁! Great to see you big day coming together so well Tighe. You have earned 40 points for the event, 10 points for the team meetings where the posters were prepared, and 25 points for all your engaging story details including those excellent participation numbers. Well done everyone!

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