Leadership Lab Postponed? No Worries!

Joanna Webster

Our LGPS Transport Troopers (10 x eager Year 5 students) were PUMPED to attend the City of Stirling 2-Day Leadership Lab last Monday & Tuesday... until it had to be postponed due to Perth's snap lockdown!

But we did not want to waste our excitement, so we were thrilled when Cat from Millennium Kids offered to run through the first part of the design thinking process with us online via WebEX!

Here are some of the things we achieved in the morning:

  • Students introduced themselves to Cat and interviewed her to find out more about her and her passions (we loved hearing about her electric bicycle and can't wait to see it!)
  • Students discussed what they love about their world and what they would like to change.
  • They drew their vision for Lake Gwelup Primary School in 2071: Think more trees, more lakes and more active travel!
  • They discussed our Your Move success! We often have 60% of people arriving via active travel.
  • Students discussed the barriers to getting the remaining people walking, scooting or riding: Are they time poor? Would a breakfast club help? Could we ask the local supermarket to support this?
  • We discussed the "Walk Around Australia" idea and found that it was a lot easier than we had thought: If we just mark off one square for every student who walks or rides, instead of measuring the exact distance.
  • We discussed running a promotion to advertise the brand new wayfinding signs around Gwelup.

... and that was all before recess! :) The Leadership Lab has now been rescheduled for August and we are more pumped than ever to attend and show everybody what we have been up to.

We are grateful that Cat still joined us via WebEX even though the face-to-face event was cancelled. That is the innovation we love to see in 2021. The LGPS community was very impressed when we shared this with them via our school Facebook page. :)

We look forward to seeing everyone in August!

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James (Your Move)

Thanks Joanna - I love it when I can catch up on all the good Your Move things that are happening through stories like this 😍! You have earned 20 points for the brilliant details you have shared and 50 points for participating in the web Lab. It sounds like a really productive day, particularly that it wasn't planned at all this way - and even better that no-one had to travel anywhere! Oh you also earned 10 points for using social media this term to promote Your Move. Have a well earned break!

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