LGPS Back in 2022!

Joanna Webster

Lake Gwelup Primary School has been a proud Your Move school since November 2019 and we have managed to achieve Gold and two Platinum accreditations in that time!

Last week, we completed our first Hands Up survey for the year and were pleasantly surprised by the results since we first started!

We had been working hard at rewarding bike riding by incorporating fun bike rides and special days, so it was very exciting to see that bike riding has gone up from 17% to 33% since we first started Your Move! The Transport Troopers (now in Year 6) were very interested to see that walking has remained at 23%. They are curious about whether we can improve that number this year.

In other bike riding news, we are very excited to now have the support of our amazing phys ed teachers (Paul Rosier and Claire Winter) who have joined the Your Move team for 2022!

They are already using grant money to plan some wonderful bike education lessons for our students, which are coming up in Weeks 9 and 10 of this term.

Expanding our team is a big focus in 2022. In addition to expanding our team by adding 3 more teachers, we also plan to get some active parents on board for the first time AND recruit Transport Troopers from more year levels.

The plan is that this will bring fresh new energy & ideas to the Your Move program at LGPS, so that we continue our success for years to come! Watch this space!

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James (Your Move)

Welcome back Joanna! And a big warm welcome too, to Paul and Claire 🤗. By having them join the team and by planning to engage parents you have earned 65 points for the "Volunteer Power" activity! You have also earned 20 points for your team's reflections on the HUS results. It must be very rewarding to see cycling grow so much 😄!

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