Mega Motor Free Monday - Earth Day

Joanna Webster

On Monday, June 8th, we celebrated Earth Day at LGPS! Of course, Mega Motor Free Monday was a big part of that. 😊

For the first time ever, we had staff members walking to school with students too! Thanks to Mrs Host, Mrs Carlson and Miss Webster for leading the way!

We had 276 students walking or riding today! This is a huge improvement on our first hands-up survey for the year where we only had 169 students arriving via active travel. Not bad for winter!!

Our Motor Free Mondays are a huge success but we really want to complete more activities to reach 500 points and get a guide on travelling safely to school!! Any ideas?! 😊

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Joanna, there are a stash of ideas in Activities under various headings. Also check out Resources for some "How To" suggestions. Well done with your MMFM; you could align that to an activity too (you'll just need to look for through Activities to select the best option.)

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James (Your Move)

It sounds like linking Earth Day in with your regular MFM was a grand success! Getting 67% more students using active transport compared to earlier this year is an impressive result for winter. You have earned 40 points for your Earth Day event plus 5 points for sharing the participation numbers.

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James (Your Move)

Have you considered any of our classroom activities. Just search for "classroom" on the Activities page. The one on "CO2 Experiment and Greenhouse Effect" might fit in really well with Earth Day, or "Think Global, Act Local". If you search for "safe" on the activities page you will find guides on mapping safe routes as well as the "Promote Road Safety with SDERA" activity which has links to other great road safety resources and guides.

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Thanks so much for the ideas!! We have some things in the pipeline but I think the classroom ideas sound fantastic!

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