Motor-Free Monday kicks off with a bang!

Joanna Webster

Today, Lake Gwelup PS had our first Motor-Free Monday for the year! We had a whopping 67% of people arriving at school via active travel!

Our Transport Troopers, teachers and admin staff came out to cheer everyone on as they arrived! We were able to hand out 100 slap bands and lots of pens to our active travellers.

We gave out raffle tickets to our active travelers and drew a raffle after lunch. Twelve lucky students received even more prizes, from Your Move water bottles, to helmet hair brushes and travel board games.

What a successful start to the year... we can't wait to see how many people get involved in Motor-Free Mondays next week!

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James (Your Move)

I think as adults (even Your Move adults like us!) we often forget just how much pleasure kids get from independent active travel - but these photos make it really clear how much they love it! Great work Joanna and the Lake Gwelup team for re-launching your MFM in 2020 - you have earned 90 points.

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