Motor-Free Mondays starts tomorrow!

Joanna Webster
Lake Gwelup Primary School

We are very excited because our first Motor-Free Monday starts tomorrow!

Lake Gwelup is a ‘Your Move’ school! We are working with the City of Stirling and the Department of Transport to reduce traffic in the local community, which helps the environment and keeps our bodies active. In a recent survey by the Transport Troopers (Year 5 student leaders), we found that 60% of Lake Gwelup students arrive at school by car.

The Transport Troopers have come up with a plan to reduce this, starting this Monday with a new initiative: MOTOR-FREE MONDAYS!

Each Monday, we would like people to try to arrive at school via ‘active travel’, which could include walking, cycling or riding a scooter.

Students who arrive at school via active travel will receive a raffle ticket and go into the draw to win a prize, drawn each Monday. There will be one prize drawn from each year group.

If you live too far away from the school to walk, you may consider a ‘park and walk’, being dropped off near the school and walking.

We have promoted this event via the school space on Connect.

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James (Your Move)

Joanna - great idea to dive in and get your Motor-free Monday up and running this term. This means you can get off to a flying start in term 1 too! By linking the story to the correct activity you have automatically earned yourself 90 points, plus I just gave you a bonus of 10 for sharing so many details of how it all works. Oh and don't forget public transport for kids who live a bit further away!

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Thanks James!! It was great to get the ball rolling. :)

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